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mundei mornenk
being slightlu drunk, combined with working with a REALLY SLOW internet connection (while you work on an web-based project) and listening to a bad-ass song like this (check my current music) is reaaly fun.
i'm not a wannabe-translator here, i'm just enjoyning the sound of these english words in my mind. (although i may seem to be one. but be sure - i'm not. i just had no breakfast and drank half a bottle of fine red wine)

this weekend a guy named Damien Walters ownd my mind completely. wanna that too? check youtube and search for "damien walters showreel 09" or smth like this.

well.. the song plays itself (or foobar pays it) for the third time, and i still have sum intention to type sum words (and to leave sum mistypings). but my cerebral clipboard is empty now, so that will be "end of theline", as my programmer-friends would say.

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